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We believe that:
(1) Everyone has a purpose and that anyone could be a great change maker

(2) Innovation and dedication produce positive and sustainable change

(3) Empowering women and children is a reliable way to transform their lives

(4) The cycle of poverty ends where access to education and healthcare begins

We value:
(1) Integrity and forthrightness 

(2) Industriousness and creativity

(3) Love for family, community, and country

(4) Compassion, and respect for human dignity.


Acts of Hope Center (AHC) is a nonprofit organization founded for the sole purpose of applying contemporary evidence-based solutions to some of the most troubling problems of our time. The institutional capacity of the organization is grounded in a wide range of outstanding programs that focus on: (1) community health, (2) education, and (3) jobs training, with a strong emphasis on resilience.  The way we see it, resilience and sustainable positive change go hand in hand, because resilience is the natural capacity that individuals and groups have to adapt and thrive, even when facing overwhelming challenges or catastrophic events. 

Mission & Vision
Our mission is to use evidence-based solutions to bring about positive and sustainable change in the lives of the children, women, and men that we serve.

We envision a city in which families learn and develop new skills, choose a healthy lifestyle  and help lead the next generation into promising future. Acts of Hope aspires to be recognized in Texas as a pacesetting nonprofit, that empowers the socioeconomically disadvantaged to lift themselves out of poverty, and for enabling children and adults to attain their natural potential.

To retain the trust of our funders and preserve the support of the community, we are obligated to manage our assets efficiently and effectively. As a result, we seek to be as transparent as possible about incurring direct and indirect costs; we have a solid internal control system; we stretch every dollar we get farther than the average agency. As well, we endeavor to ensure that, in all material respects, our community impact reports and financial statements are unquestionable. .