Acts of Hope Center


A Pacesetting Nonprofit Agency

San Antonio Community Health Alert (SACHA)
In 2012, according to the American Diabetes Association, 29.1 million Americans had diabetes. As of last year, the ratio of San Antonio’s diabetic population was 14%, or twice the national average. And complications or co-morbid conditions associated with the disease include: Hypoglycemia, hypertension, heart attacks and strokes, blindness or severe eye problems, and kidney failure.

As the name suggests, SACHA is a grassroots response to those alarming facts, and to the diabetes problem that our community faces. The program is designed to: (1) raise awareness at the grassroots level about this diabetes epidemic, (2) provide state-of-the-art diabetes prevention education to those living in some of the most underserved areas of our city, and 3) provide the diabetic population with a broad and consistent access to the best treatment options available. Given that diabetes is one of the two leading causes of kidney diseases requiring organ transplantation, SACHA also provides patients who must undergo transplant surgery with the pre-and post-surgery education, follow-up, and financial support they need to achieve optimal health. SACHA is compliant with the guidelines of the Center for Disease Control (CDC)'s proven Diabetes Prevention Program.

Target Population: Low-income children ages 0-17 and adults 18 years of age and over.

Stop the Violence Against Women and Children (S-VAWC)
Have you ever wondered what living the life of a neglected an abused little girl or little boy feels like? For most people it wouldn’t be a life worth living at all! What if you could feel the physical and emotional pain that battered women or rape survivors have to deal with each and every day, often for years? S-VAWC is a state-of-the-art program that relies on best practices to provide victims of all kinds of abuse with the support as well as the tools and counseling services they need to heal emotional scars and overcome the pain or suffering associated with what happened to them.

S-VAWC crosscuts the boundaries of client-centered interventions, psychosocial education, group dynamics and specialized health services, as it precisely aligns the complex needs of children, adolescents and adults who have been traumatized by any kind of physical, emotional or sexual abuse with the expertise of the team of professionals we work with.

Target Population: Children and adults, male or female, who find themselves struggling with the consequences of physical and/or emotional trauma—i.e. ineffective emotional self-regulation, unstable personal relationships, academic failure, or recursive job losses, substance abuse, and petty crime.

Caring Neighborhoods Challenging Transformation (CANECT)

CANECT is a unique program designed to create momentum  in struggling neighborhoods that are in need of transforming acts of hope. Change must be more than a hand up. It is best created when needs are partnered with caring individuals, compassionate corporations that are committed to results. Whether it is providing diapers for families in need or emergency food resources or exercise classes to battle the rise of obesity and diabetes, the challenges are real but together transformation is possible.

Target Population: low-income families and/or individuals who desire to make lifestyle changes that impact their overall health.