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Education Program

The story of Amaya is a good example of the benefits of engaging parents and families. A simple home visit revealed how a young student lacked the resources and support from family. Amaya was failing academically in most of her classes and couldn’t read a full sentence; yet her mom was punishing her by making her clean and babysit. Our community educator immediately identified a tutor for Amaya and a mentor for Rosa (her mom). Soon after, Amaya started showing great progress at school.

Families living in poverty often work multiple jobs, may have limited English language skills, and in some cases may have had few positive experiences with their children's teachers or schools. These factors frequently work against a school's attempts to form relationships with families living in poverty and authentically engage them in their children's education. Even in high-performing schools, this problem is an ongoing concern.

Our education program provides ongoing impact to families through classes, training and support in the following form: parenting support groups & classes, home-visits, tutoring, GED, computer and financial literacy, art and design, reading & writing and through it all, we provide mentorship.

Target Population: Low-income children ages 0-17 and adults 18 years of age and over.