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Training Program

Millions of Americans struggle to find jobs or are stuck in low-wage positions with little chance for advancement. Too many adults and youth lack the skills or training they need to get jobs that pay a family-supporting income. About one-third of children live in families where no parent has full-time, year-round employment, limiting their access to health care and other resources critical to their healthy development. Family income, assets and educational attainment have a direct impact on child development. During the economic recovery, the fastest growth has been in lower-paying jobs in such areas as retail sales and food preparation, resulting in greater inequality.

Some important facts are:

  • Millions of workers don’t get paid sick leave and are unable to care for their kids without putting their jobs and financial stability in jeopardy.
  • Many families face challenges in navigating the complex landscape of programs and resources to help supplement their income and build financial security.
  • Almost 6.5 million U.S. teens and young adults are neither in school nor working, lacking the skills and education that well-paying jobs require.

Our jobs training program is designed to provide skills training to individuals looking to improve for a new job opportunity and a way to grow and increase their educational assets.  Some of the training sessions are in: resume building, interviewing, customer service, construction certifications and computer literacy.

We also work hand-in-hand with entrepreneurs—people who can’t find work but are interested and have what it takes to start a small business. It follows that this program is designed to: (1) empower San Antonians with a disability to be employed, and (2) connect recent college graduates and older adults, who have no disability but cant find work, with employers through work readiness partnerships and real job opportunities. 

Target Population: Low-income children ages 0-17 and adults 18 years of age and over.