Acts of Hope Center


A Pacesetting Nonprofit Agency

Main Jobs Training Program

At Acts of Hope Center (AHC), we pride ourselves on being forward-looking. Our YouthE, which stands for “Youth Enrichment”, is intended to empower low-income young people to build or rebuild their lives.” The overarching goals of the program are: (1) Improve academic achievement, (2) provide market-driven vocational training opportunities, (3) offer job search, interview preparation, and resume writing services, and (4) provide one-on-one client-centered counseling and moral support services.

A distinguishing characteristic of AHC’s YouthE program is that it involves the youth we work with in the needs assessment, feasibility analysis, and evaluation phases of all our program activities. In other words, instead of getting young people in a ready-made top-down intervention, our YouthE program empowers them to take ownership and play a major role from start to finish. What’s more, and to ensure long-term success, we have a dynamic mentoring component, which not only relies on a multivariate system to match needs with services, but also create the optimal condition for any mentors to keep in touch with their mentees long after graduation from the program.

Target Population:  Low-income adolescents and young adults, male and female, ages 14-24, who are at risk for: (1) academic failure, (2) juvenile crime, (3) teen pregnancy, (4) recursive joblessness, and (5) housing insecurity.