Acts of Hope Center

Dr. Suzanna P. Royston, Director of Development

Years of Industry Experience: 30+

Education: Doctor of  Medicine (Pediatrician)

Specialties: Healthcare, Fundraising.

Hobbies: Reading, Writing, Domestic & International Traveling

Kely Guzman, Director of Community Outreach

Years of Industry Experience: 8

Education: BA

Specialties: Graphic Design, Marketing, Organizational Management, Project Planning, Public Relations

Hobbies: Fitness + Traveling+ Cooking + Designing

Don J. Affognon, Executive Vice President 

Years of Industry Experience: 23

Education: MBA + M.Ed + PhD Candidate

Specialties: Grant Writing, Resource Optimization, Grant Management, Multivariate Impact Assessments, Government Regulations.

Hobbies: Reading (mostly non-fiction) + Running (outdoors, no treadmill!) + Storytelling + Action Movies + Visiting Far-Flung Places.

Luis Bryce, VP of Finance

Years of Industry Experience: 30+

Education: M.S (Financial Management)

Specialties: Financial Accounting. Systems Design, Nonprofit Auditing, Budgeting & Cash Flow Forecasting.

Hobbies: Cycling, Reading, Hiking & Camping, Eating (Chinese & Peruvian Foods and Wine-based Cooking, especially)


A Pacesetting Nonprofit Agency

Arlynn Ellis, President & CEO

Years of Industry Experience: 16

Education: MIM + MBA

Specialties: Leadership & Innovation  Management, Strategic Planning, Marketing, Program Development + Public Relations

Hobbies: Music & Arts + Dancing (Zumba) + Sports Activities + Photography + Traveling